Coast to Coast

In 2018, Niki Rellon became the first woman to bike coast to coast unsupported across the United States on a prosthetic leg.

2018 was a big year!

In the spring of 2018, Niki launched her adventure – to be the first woman to bicycle across the United States on a prosthetic leg.

Niki took her message on the road to veterans, speaking to those that have lost hope, to get on a bicycle and to get active. As an amputee, her message provided promise to fellow amputees. There were book signings and motivational talks during her cross country bicycle ride, gaining media attention, and giving hope to amputees across the country.

Niki’s Route Across the United States

Niki Rellon kicked off her cross country bicycle journey from San Francisco. She biked down the Pacific Coast Highway to Los Angeles. From Los Angeles she traveled up Route 66 and biked across the country to Oklahoma City. From Oklahoma City, she biked across the Southern Eastern states to Florida. From there she went straight down to Miami. Ambitious you say? Yes! But it was a challenge worthy of Niki’s spirit and push towards excellence.

Sample Elevation Map of the Pacific Coast Highway

Niki rode along the Pacific Coast Highway from San Francisco to Los Angeles. Here’s a sample elevation map of part of that journey. Quite a ride when you see it from this angle!

In The News

Interviews from her latest adventure

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Thank You!

I’d like to give a special thanks to Linda Hetzel and her BEMER team for all their support in my launch from the SF Bay area on June 3rd. Linda and her team will be putting me up in their homes, feeding me and shuttling me to various events which include book signings, inspirational presentations, bike fairs, interviews and pot lucks. Linda is also working tirelessly to help procure sponsorships. I’m excited to be using the BEMER medical device on my trip to give me the energy to “Always Push on “ and to manage the discomfort and swelling I experience in my stump from extended riding.

I’d also like to send out special thanks to the people and organizations that are stepping up to support my dream to be the first woman, with a prosthetic Leg to bike coast to coast solo; Clif Bar, Marin Museum of Bicycling, Rotary Club of Ignacio, Access4Bikes (Ales and Trails Bike Fair), Copperfield’s Books San Rafael and all the wonderful BEMER distributors along the way who will be opening up their homes to me, giving me BEMER rejuvenating sessions and a place to sleep.

Female Amputee to Launch Solo Cross-Country Bicycle Tour

By Linda Hetzel
FAIRFAX, CA — Niki Rellon; Author, Extreme Athlete, Amputee and Inspirational Speaker will launch a solo bike trip from The Marin Museum of Bicycling on June 3rd with an unusual dream…She intends to be the first woman to bike coast to coast unsupported across the United States on a prosthetic leg! June 3rd has been declared International World Bicycle Day by the United Nations! Check out her website for a detailed map if you like to meet her along the route.

German-born Niki Rellon’s inspirational life as an extreme athlete almost ended after a terrible canyoneering accident caused her to lose her leg. But, she refuses to give up on what she loves most in life: Adventure! Her story is the basis of her recently self-published book;Push On: My Walk to Recovery on the Appalachian Trail. Doctors told her that her sporting days were over; that she needed to be content “moving about in a wheelchair, taking opioids for pain”. Rellon hasn’t let her injury define her. Not only did she bounce back, stronger and more determined than ever, but she took on a challenge which defied the odds.

Prior to her accident in 2013, by the age of 39, she had accomplished more than most of us can even imagine attempting. She made solo bicycle tours from Alaska to Mexico City and through Europe, walked the entire Pacific Crest Trail from Mexico to Canada excelled as an amateur Triathlete, was a Professional German and European Boxing Champion, a Certified Ski Patrol & Instructor, Sky Diver, Scuba Diver, Lifeguard, Trained EMT, Paramedic, World Champion in Kickboxing. She also become a US Citizen.

Her 45-foot fall from the side of a Utah mountain, caused life-threatening, devastating injuries. Her Bookis a memoir of her horrific injury, the revitalization process and her ultimate recovery on one of the longest walks in North America…2,200 miles! Just 14 short months after her accident, she became the First Female to Complete the Entire Appalachian Trail on a Prosthetic Leg.

The book tells her courageous story of determination, resolve, and unexpected assistance from helpful strangers along the way. She calls it “Trail Magic”. Her journey will inspire you to never give in to your circumstances, even when facing impossible odds. The book is available on her website in full color with over 180 photos, as an ebook and audiobook.

Join in Niki Rellon’s Next Adventure!

With her book now written, Rellon can’t wait to take on this big new bicycling challenge and is having a bike custom built by Dean Bikes in Boulder, CO for amputees. She is passionate about the opportunity to tell her story through motivational talks and book signings along her route.

Rellon will be hosted in Marin County for 10 days prior to her launch by Linda Hetzel, a former bicycle tour leader for American Youth Hostels. Rellon’s strength and endurance will be optimized using a German-made electromagnetic medical device revered by top athletes worldwide which will assist with her energy, recovery, and regeneration (BEMER). Hetzel and other BEMER colleagues seek to locate friends for Rellon to stay with on her trip with the added advantage of using this device to help her reach her goals.

Come meet Niki Rellon in Marin, California!

May 26th – BEMER Booth at Ales and Trails Bike Fair; China Camp State Park San Rafael 9-4. Benefit for mountain biking trails in Marin. Fun day of Barbeque, Beer Garden, Biking, Booths. $40 in advance, $60 cash day of.

June 1st – Motivational Talk and book signing at Copperfield’s Books in San Rafael 6PM

June 3rd – Trip Launch; The Marin Museum of Bicycling will be honoring Rellon with an outdoor “BeerBQue” at noon in Fairfax $10

Sample Television Coverage on Her First Record

Sample Electronic Print Coverage on Her First Record

Interview in Adventure Journal

Thru-Hiking the AT on One Leg

New amputee badass Niki Rellon through walking from Georgia to Maine would be a great way to rehab. Written by Hilary Oliver for the Adventure Journal magazine.

Niki Rellon on the Appalachian Trail

Niki Rellon – Facing Life’s Mountains & Valleys on the Appalachian Trail

Written by Robert Sutherland, in the Appalachian Trail blog.

Backpackers Magazine – Out Alive: Free Falling in a Utah Canyon

Niki Rellon, 40, fell 45 feet during a canyoneering expedition in November 2013.

As told to Mary Beth Skylis, article from the Backpackers Magazine.

The Trek

Niki Rellon Writes History on the Appalachian Trail

Niki Rellon, better known as Bionic Woman along the Appalachian Trail, recently etched herself into history as one of the most astounding thru-hikers on Earth.

Niki Rellon on the Appalachian Trail

‘Bionic Woman’ gets leg up while hiking Appalachian Trail

The hardest thing about hiking the Appalachian Trail for Niki Rellon is being called a “trail snail.” Written by Christopher Cousins,

Niki Rellon “Bionic Woman” Lost a Leg & Hiked the Appalachian Trail

Niki Rellon — Bionic Woman — finished her fantastic quest to hike the Appalachian Trail from end to end on December 27, 2015.  Written by Robert Sutherland.

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