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Motorcycle Trip Across The Unites States

Never Give Up

Landing a job as a ski patroller was quite challenging because there are only ever a few openings. I applied in several different resorts and landed a job in one of my favorite Mountains in Summit County, Colorado, for the following winter season.

Requirement was I needed to get my EMT license. I signed up in a community college in my neighborhood and failed miserably because I could get not along with the professor. With only a view months left before the winter season started I had to find myself a new course. I never give up and after researching around the country, I was able to find a crash course in Alaska. Wow Alaska! It was always a dream to ride my motorbike to Alaska and the timing was perfect. I would have enough time to ride my motorbike up there get my EMT license and be ready for the winter-season back in Colorado.

I also signed up for the Wilderness first-responder course. Contacted the organization to make sure the classes will be in my time-frame. All was set and ready. I left Colorado several weeks before the course started, because I wanted to spend some time along the route on my way up to Alaska.

I made it to British Columbia/Canada along the Pacific Coast Highway when I received a phone call from the organization who provided the course and they told me they had to cancel the class. I was in disbelief. My new dream job as a ski patroller was disappearing in front of my eyes.

“Wait” I asked the lady who gave me the heartbreaking message, I signed up for two classes.

“Oh, that’s right”, she replied.

“So which class is being canceled?” I asked. The lucky news, it was the wilderness first responder course. Woohoo! I still can get my EMT license.

I told her that I was planning to be in Haines, Alaska for the entire time including the two weeks for the wilderness class and I reminded her that they promised me, that they never ever cancel a course. So, I said I will be here on time, because I’m on a budget and she should contact me with an alternative plan.

Several days later, I made it to Prince Rupert British Columbia to my Uncles place. When I received a massage again from the organization. The same lady was on the phone and said, “We believe, you must be in excellent shape, so we decided to put you in the Mountaineering course, meaning two weeks sleeping on a glacier, gear, tents and food included and rappelling into crevasse and ice climbing is the main focus of that course.”

What a deal for no extra cost! As I have always said never give up, always push on. That’s why, I have had once in a lifetime, incredible adventures, priceless experiences for a fraction of the cost.

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Our Warm Showers Bike Touring Celebrity Guest 2/9/2016

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Niki Rellon’s Inspirational Story For Bicycle Touring, Commuting And…

While hurriedly packing my gear for a trip to Bastrop, Texas (previous post) I received a phone call from a gal speaking with such a thick accent I couldn’t understand what she was saying. She must have picked up on my lack of patience at that moment and said “I apologize it’s my accent”. That was all I needed to hear to exercise some more patience with her and after understanding she was bike touring and simply needed a place to sleep for the night we both got a good chuckle out of our initial communication gap. She suggested that I google her name of Niki Rellon. I figured she just wanted me to verify that she was a legitimate bike touring person so at first I hesitated to look her up.

As it turned out a whole of folks know about Niki Rellon and her accomplishments as an adventuring amputee and perhaps just as many other folks had heard of Niki Rellon’s adventuring accomplishments previous to the injury she received which caused her current amputee status. For example the folks at the Adventure Journal shared her long list of outdoor accomplishments including hiking, bike touring and other very active achievements which are all quite impressive.

All that having been said what is most notable about her visit with us was her warmth, humour and personable character of deep strength. Although due to work and other previously scheduled obligations I didn’t have much of a chance to chat with Niki but Lisa was glowing with enthusiasm at having an opportunity to meet such a strong, courageous woman which of course I’m sure they have a lot in common in that regard. However, Niki did tell me a tid bit of her 2002 bike touring trip from Alaska to Mexico City and her cross country bike tour in 2013. We joked about how some of the folks on warmshowers request three days notice or some sort of tight scheduling because as she agreed when you’re bicycle touring it’s more of an “will get there when I can, hoping to be there by such and such date and time”. It’s one of the things I appreciate about bike touring and Niki totally agreed with me by saying to Lisa “people have no idea if they haven’t traveled by bike before, there’s no hard and fast schedule to keep”. Excellent.

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